Monday, February 25, 2008

First post

A lot can be said about a persons first blog. I am very nervous now that I have started. I have been thinking about this all day after reading some other women's thoughts. I guess that's what this is. My thoughts. The good, bad, ugly, selfish, sad. A place that I can tell the world how I feel. I was very inspired after reading many of you fellow blogger posts. Me and Eric have been trying to have a child for 2 years. We started with the attitude it will happen when it happens but after a year.....nothing. So we started trying to do a little more planning and timing and six months went by.....nothing. I went to my doctor who delivered my son(7 years ago). He said just have err.. relations 10 to 14 days after aunt flo. Well gee doc why didn't I think of that. Well 3 months went get the picture. I then went to a specialist in our small town who did a panel of tests. He showed that everything was fine but decided to give me clomid. I was very excited at first I have never been so ready for that bitchy aunt we all know and love. I ran to the drugstore like a greedy little fat kid after chocolate cake. I got home and started reading. This medicine was for ovulation well I don't know if I am ovulating so then I started doing other research. I have never taken my temp every day and they want me to check for mucus where??? Well I guess I have been fertility stupid. So all this rambling to say I am starting over. As soon as aunt flo rears her ugly head this month I will be a temp taking, chart keeping fool. Bye for now. I would love to hear any suggestions.


Michell said...

The temping as annoying as it can be is helpful to give you an idea of what your cycle is like, if you do in fact ovulate etc. There are some temping web sites out there if you haven't already found them. The one I used when I was temping was fertility friend which has a free portion and some advanced things you can pay for. I did both at different times. Also if you haven't read it already, Taking charge of your fertility by Toni Weschler is a good book of info and not too difficult to read. Clomid can work but honestly most doctors will monitor you while you take it because it can delay ovulation, dry cervical mucous, thin your lining etc. Welcome to blog land.

Kathy V said...

Welcome to the blog world. I only started this blog thing in November so I as still technically a newbie myself. I affectionately refer to clomid as "crappy clomid". It can generates cysts on your ovaries and I ran into the dryness also. But it did get my system to ovulate on its own after not ovulating for about 8 months. Good Luck with it.