Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have absolutely nothing interesting to post. Here is a little of what I have been up to:

Went to get wine for the holidays. Then decided we needed rum and whisky for the egg nog. Then decided we needed more rum for mixed drinks.

Saw a friend that I have not seen in a while and realized that I am becoming a pale, fat hermit.

Made a mental tanning appoitment. Called another friend.

Ordered some presents and some basketball shoes for Eric. Then found out that I don't even know my husband's shoe size. In all fairness he probably doesn't know mine but you would think after 4 years we would know this.

See? I am bored writing this.

This holiday extended weekend should be fun though. I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner Thursday and then Eric and I will shop the black Friday deals and go to a football game Friday. Saturday I will travel with E to my hometown and visit my Dad and Step-Mom and Grandparents.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ask Marie

Ok I got two hits on google seaches. I just figured out how to see the questions. I could always see the keyword that was searched for, but I got it to where I can see the actual questions.

I am now amused and disturbed. Does anyone know what water pee is? Here are the two that jumped out of my computer and slapped me in the face.

1. How do I get house brownies to come to me. (Dude, i say dude because this has got to be a dude, if you find out come back and let me know for sure. Also can I have some of the brownies you have been snacking on?)

Ok the next one I do not find funny. I am not making fun and I feel strongly about this. Again, I am not poking fun I feel that something needs to be done for obviouse reasons.

2. Help I am 12 and my mom keeps giving me enemas and I don't need them. (This was on my list 4 times.) Ok so here is my take on this. Either the mom has weight issues and she is pushing this on child, this is being used as some form of punishment, crazy hyprochondriac tendencies, or misinformation. This needs to stop. You need to tell someone you trust! I could be way off but this seems wrong on all levels and telling someone will help you and mom. Not being funny here I am dead, dead serious.

Maybe I am just a baby

Waking up at 6 does something good for my internal clock. Here is my morning routine:

1.Out of bed
2.Let the Animals out
3.Start coffee
4.Log into computer
5.Let dog back in cause he is shivering and crying at the back door. (He never pooped, that little shit, so I go outside and shiver while he takes care of his business.
6.Come back in and make bed and remove a load of clothes from the dryer and put away they transfer a load to the dryer.
7.Go to Computer and start reading google reader (Thank you Jesus for google reader..Amen)
8.POOP!!!!!!!! (6:45)
9.Make breakfast
10.Get ready for work
11.Get E out the door.
12.Leave for work

Here is what happens when I get up at 7:30

1.Run and get E up
2.Bowl of Cereal for E
3.Griping at E for being so darn slow
4.Pick up dog poop
5.Curse the dog
6.Jump in shower
7.Rush through getting e and myself out the door.

The second schedule really sucks but do you see something really important missing there? The Poo! When I miss that step, it is gone.

So here's to getting the morning dump. May we never miss our scheduled poop time. The snooze button? So not worth it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diary of a Dirty Working Mom

I often struggle with the appearance of my home. I wish that I was the type of woman that could make her home sunny and warm. I feel that my house is utter chaos and I am missing that certain gene that makes me be able to put it back together again.

I am often jealous of even my husband and he has that gift of putting things together to give our home what it needs to make us feel safe and relaxed.

I should automatically have these instincts and just don't.

I come home at night and look around at all that needs to be done and I just want to cry, knowing, that I couldn't put it back together if I wanted to.

I feel like a bad wife..alot.

I am just curious how others run their homes. Is your home tidy enough to always invite visitors to at least your entry way?

If you are a double income family do you divide chores?

I need a system.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post Creepy

Tune to set my day

"The Way you make me feel"
Michael Jackson
Circuit 1987

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I felt a little pervy while drooling over Zac Efron in High School Musical 3 this afternoon, but after googleing him I found he is 21, so its all good. Total hawtness asside, it is a great movie. I loved it and so did E. The only problem I have now is him wanting to take dance lessons. I feel his dad will be fine with it but Eric is going to hit the roof. Honey, if you are reading I had NOTHING to do with his decision.

Seriously, find a way to go see that movie. P.S...Sit up front so you can get close to those blue eyes and oh so perfect lips.

Yeah. I still feel a little pervy.

Anyhoo. We had a great Saturday. We took my lab to the park and she swam in the creek and smelled poop. I get so worried about her coming in contact with other dogs feces because of parvo but really it is futile to keep her from every pile. I just have to trust in the vet to keep her vacinated.

The weather was perfect and all crisp and fally. I just wanted to stop time today it was that perfect.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Once upon a time there lived a hot blossoming career woman with a firm grasp on all she desired. She wore smart, sassy business suites with heel and pantyhose and there was never a *non-rooty hair out of place.

She was known for quick wit and hard work. All her bosses loved her and were always complimenting on her ideals for growth. She was a mad sales presenter and was often asked for by name and simply no one else would do.

Her dream job ended with no warning, but she landed on her feet, to her next adventure doing just about the same for more money.

Later she was swooned to a new job with the promise of even more money and a dental plan so she grasp the hand of her new employer not know that behind his mask of charm lay an office of hens, who saw her as a threat and decided to keep her out of there office hen house. So she was left in the chicken yard to play with the roosters which, really, just pissed them off even more. Damn Chickens!

So due to a shift in here little world, AKA Divorce, she was let go from her coveted position by the Head hen who liked to let the quick-wit career woman's husband in her hen house.

She then took some time to heal away from the corporate world. Now this part is a little embarrassing to the career woman so please keep the chuckle to a minimum or at least be quite about it. Ok, where was I? Oh yea. She then found herself taking care a little elderly couple outside of town.

She started out with the same drive and personality that she gave to the corporate world. While she found the work more rewarding than she had ever known, she couldn't get over the fact that she was wiping ass and getting spit on. Also she was getting her ass grabbed on a daily basis by the little old man who was producing the poop and spittle.

So she kept an eye out for a way to get back into the business that she thought she loved while still loving the little couple that was providing a place for her to heal and love after being tossed on her ass by her dream job.

One day an offer came and she understood that is was a little more laid back than what she was used to. She welcomed the change. She worshiped the quiet office and the casual dress. She had a great vision for herself and just knew that this was going to turn into something great for her. Everyday was a joy coming in the office and everyday the owner depended more and more on her.

Through the years policies and programs changed and as the career woman stayed up with the changes, she grew very complacent. Boredom set up camp. After a while it wasn't such a joy to come into the office.

She learned that was not as much helping people as she once remembered and the rewarding feeling that she had so long ago were not there anymore. Did she ever really help people? When did this turn into just a job?

She finds herself today longing for more than a cluttered desk listening to other co-worker read the paper OUT LOAD. Work cross-words OUT LOAD. Read email OUT LOUD.

She misses the little couple that lived in the country that smiled every time she walked through the door. (The pooper for a different reason, but that is beside the point. He was harmless really just a little grabby.) She misses knowing that a difference was being made because of what she was does.

*Rooty is a word I made up for my hair as I desperately need to do something about my roots.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Giving a chance

"Well E we have our new president." He jumps up and yells, "Did McCain win?" "Noo MR. Obama won" I shit you not he jumps to the floor like he is having a seizure and says "OH MY GAAAWWWWDD. OBAMA IS SO BAD HE WONT LET US PPRRRAAAAAYY AND HE KILLS BAAABBBIIIEEESS IN THE MOMMY'S TUMMY!"

Ummmm What?

"Where is the world did you hear that E?"

He gets this strange look in his eyes like he thinks he is in trouble. "I don't remember."

"Its ok I won't be mad I just need to know ok?

"Me and Daddy were listening to the radio and this man said it." "Daddy says that he is a very bad man."

I am going to kill that ex husband of mine one of these days. When I do I will post every detail on the Internet. Smiling. From my jail cell.

Needless to say we had a very long talk before school this morning and cleared a few things up. I can not believe that my child is subjected to that shit. Well. I do believe it but I wish it were not true.

My child is not allowed to watch anything that is not PG rated at his father's but for some reason it is ok to terrify him of our President???

No matter what is floating around about our future President. No matter what anyone believes about him. It is now a time to support the person that has promised change and has a vision for our country. Lift him up as he is about to face the most difficult 4-8 years of his life. So you didn't vote for him. So what.

Over half of the United States did so get over it. Stop with the dumb jokes while you are at it stop focusing on his color (in a good or bad way). The color of skin is not what is going to make or break him. Lack of support could though and for the good of ours and our children's future..Lend your Support.

I am not going to say who I voted for but I am going to say that this afternoon my 24year old cousin got on a plane headed to Iraq. The thought of him being over there in the middle of this useless war is torture on my family. The day he comes home safe to his wife and two children will be a treasured day. I have a feeling that it will come a lot sooner because of the candidate that was chosen. That to me is more than enough to stand behind my future president.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where is my ho?

Just when I come to terms with the diagnosis of our misfortune my body decides to send me a total mind fuck. A renewed spring in my step. Belly laughs that I though I would never feel again. Hope, peace, acceptance is slipping away.

I am 10 days late for my period.

CD 29- Not concerned as I had all symptoms and signs that flo was coming.

CD 30- Didn't even think about it but started packing just in case.

CD 31-?

CD 34-??

CD 36-Took test in private. It was negative and no tears (small sigh)

CD 40-Its 1:30(not sure if time changed yet or not)and I have done the following:

Dug my test out of bathroom trash and examined under every light in the house. I know about evaporated lines but come on we all have been in the same boat at one point in time so don't give me lip.

Googled if you can use opk to determine pregnancy

Noticed all sorts of IPS. Here is a list
Nausea (but i might just be hungry)
Sleeplessness (hello cause I'm terrorizing myself)
Peeing alot (I did drink coffe earlier which could also explain 2nd syptom)

Prayed that one of you faithful great confidants would be up and online to give me
an online slap.

Blogged my craziness.

Laughed my ass off at myself.

Mentally dogged myself for this stupid, stupid list. If you are still with me thank you for reading this drivel.

I can't go back here I just do not have it in me to fight this battle right now. I need this to be on the back burner for awhile. I have some really big things that need my undivided attention this week and if I am not pregnant I really need to get my visit. But! If........