Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maybe I am just a baby

Waking up at 6 does something good for my internal clock. Here is my morning routine:

1.Out of bed
2.Let the Animals out
3.Start coffee
4.Log into computer
5.Let dog back in cause he is shivering and crying at the back door. (He never pooped, that little shit, so I go outside and shiver while he takes care of his business.
6.Come back in and make bed and remove a load of clothes from the dryer and put away they transfer a load to the dryer.
7.Go to Computer and start reading google reader (Thank you Jesus for google reader..Amen)
8.POOP!!!!!!!! (6:45)
9.Make breakfast
10.Get ready for work
11.Get E out the door.
12.Leave for work

Here is what happens when I get up at 7:30

1.Run and get E up
2.Bowl of Cereal for E
3.Griping at E for being so darn slow
4.Pick up dog poop
5.Curse the dog
6.Jump in shower
7.Rush through getting e and myself out the door.

The second schedule really sucks but do you see something really important missing there? The Poo! When I miss that step, it is gone.

So here's to getting the morning dump. May we never miss our scheduled poop time. The snooze button? So not worth it.


Anonymous said...


Jen said...

I always have a much better day when I get up early too.

Anonymous said...

lol It doesn't bother me until I start wondering, "Did I poop today?" Then I have to start thinking about did I and if I didn't why not! Poop is a never ending conundrum!

Morgan said...

I'm confused, lol. Are you talking about YOUR pooping or the dog?

Io said...

Oh, I am *such* a snoozer. It does feel good to get up early and have time to get ready in a nice leisurely manner, but sleep. Oh I love sleep. And I can poop at work.

Tiffanie said...

i heart sleep too much. snooze button is the best invention ever. i really think i go days and days w/o pooping b/c i am so busy and won't do it anywhere but home.

Marie said...

Morgan, I am talking about both.

If I miss my morning poop I can't go that day and sometimes not the day after. :0

kate said...

Oh, dear. Please let me be a living warning to not skip your morning constitutional! Actually, a normal person would be fine, but if I miss a day, I run the big risk of having unfriendly poop, which causes BIG problems (as noted in my recent blog!).