Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ask Marie

Ok I got two hits on google seaches. I just figured out how to see the questions. I could always see the keyword that was searched for, but I got it to where I can see the actual questions.

I am now amused and disturbed. Does anyone know what water pee is? Here are the two that jumped out of my computer and slapped me in the face.

1. How do I get house brownies to come to me. (Dude, i say dude because this has got to be a dude, if you find out come back and let me know for sure. Also can I have some of the brownies you have been snacking on?)

Ok the next one I do not find funny. I am not making fun and I feel strongly about this. Again, I am not poking fun I feel that something needs to be done for obviouse reasons.

2. Help I am 12 and my mom keeps giving me enemas and I don't need them. (This was on my list 4 times.) Ok so here is my take on this. Either the mom has weight issues and she is pushing this on child, this is being used as some form of punishment, crazy hyprochondriac tendencies, or misinformation. This needs to stop. You need to tell someone you trust! I could be way off but this seems wrong on all levels and telling someone will help you and mom. Not being funny here I am dead, dead serious.


Aunt Becky said...

I get some of the foulest search terms you can imagine. No, seriously, I do.(think pedophilia).

The saddest one that brings people to my doorstep is this: "My husband ignores me."

I get this multiple times a month, and it makes me so sad.

Jen said...

That second question is disturbing.

My google hits are quite sad most of the time too.

Peeveme said...

Wow, mine are pretty regular like 6pd3dat or sick after iui. That 1st one is hilarious the 2nd...yea...sadness.

Io said...

Yeah, that second one is like sexual abuse sad.

kate said...

I usually get some truly bizarre hits, but none that have ever truly caused concern for me. That second one there would make me cry. Poor girl.