Friday, November 7, 2008


Once upon a time there lived a hot blossoming career woman with a firm grasp on all she desired. She wore smart, sassy business suites with heel and pantyhose and there was never a *non-rooty hair out of place.

She was known for quick wit and hard work. All her bosses loved her and were always complimenting on her ideals for growth. She was a mad sales presenter and was often asked for by name and simply no one else would do.

Her dream job ended with no warning, but she landed on her feet, to her next adventure doing just about the same for more money.

Later she was swooned to a new job with the promise of even more money and a dental plan so she grasp the hand of her new employer not know that behind his mask of charm lay an office of hens, who saw her as a threat and decided to keep her out of there office hen house. So she was left in the chicken yard to play with the roosters which, really, just pissed them off even more. Damn Chickens!

So due to a shift in here little world, AKA Divorce, she was let go from her coveted position by the Head hen who liked to let the quick-wit career woman's husband in her hen house.

She then took some time to heal away from the corporate world. Now this part is a little embarrassing to the career woman so please keep the chuckle to a minimum or at least be quite about it. Ok, where was I? Oh yea. She then found herself taking care a little elderly couple outside of town.

She started out with the same drive and personality that she gave to the corporate world. While she found the work more rewarding than she had ever known, she couldn't get over the fact that she was wiping ass and getting spit on. Also she was getting her ass grabbed on a daily basis by the little old man who was producing the poop and spittle.

So she kept an eye out for a way to get back into the business that she thought she loved while still loving the little couple that was providing a place for her to heal and love after being tossed on her ass by her dream job.

One day an offer came and she understood that is was a little more laid back than what she was used to. She welcomed the change. She worshiped the quiet office and the casual dress. She had a great vision for herself and just knew that this was going to turn into something great for her. Everyday was a joy coming in the office and everyday the owner depended more and more on her.

Through the years policies and programs changed and as the career woman stayed up with the changes, she grew very complacent. Boredom set up camp. After a while it wasn't such a joy to come into the office.

She learned that was not as much helping people as she once remembered and the rewarding feeling that she had so long ago were not there anymore. Did she ever really help people? When did this turn into just a job?

She finds herself today longing for more than a cluttered desk listening to other co-worker read the paper OUT LOAD. Work cross-words OUT LOAD. Read email OUT LOUD.

She misses the little couple that lived in the country that smiled every time she walked through the door. (The pooper for a different reason, but that is beside the point. He was harmless really just a little grabby.) She misses knowing that a difference was being made because of what she was does.

*Rooty is a word I made up for my hair as I desperately need to do something about my roots.


Io said...

Having a job where you can really connect and help people is an amazing feeling. On the other hand, it's easy to forget the bad stuff as it films over with time.

My roots are beyond by the way.

Beautiful Mess said...

Sounds like your needing to heal again. I hope you can find a place to do that soon so you don't lose yourself.
Thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

I completely get that. It's exactly where I'm sitting right now. Brian hasn't grabbed my ass, but he is driving me a bit nuts since he's crabby today!