Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall is in the air.

I can taste it.

Feel it.

Maybe it is because we have had 110 degree days and today it is in the lower 80's, but I still think the season is a changin.

I love, love, love fall.

I love the light jackets and the changing of the leaves. I like to take hikes and bike rides.

I love the pumpkins and the fall vegetables.

I like the crisp air and the clean feeling deep in your lungs. The kind of days where you don't feel the need to shower by lunch time, even though all you did was walk to your car but you are dripping with sweat and you shoes are all sweaty and gross.


I am soooo over you.


kate said...

Yeah, I know! I walked out onto our front porch yesterday midday and was SHOCKED at the weather. It was *almost* crisp!

WOOHOO! Can't WAIT for fall!

Marie said...

Can't you see the little twinlettes in a pumpkim patch?? I can't wait to take my boys.