Thursday, April 30, 2009

19 Weeks

Hi all! Long time no post.

I don't suppose I have a good reason why I am not blogging. I guess I am just trying to soak up my experiance and enjoy it all to myself. Does that make sense? I am so amazed at the changes taking place in our lives as we get ready for this baby.

Eric and I are slowly letting out our breath with relief and each day passes and the baby keeps growing.

Everyone was so sure this was going to be a little girl but me. I just couldn't wrap my head around a girl. Eric was so sure it was a girl it made it great that I was right and he was wrong. E got to go with us at the ultrasound and he was so excited that he got what he wanted.

My moods have been a little crazy and I am trying to keep myself in check and Eric has only had to sleep on the couch once so I think things are going pretty well.

I am so happy and while I know this I still feel a tiny blue and I feel terrible putting on here. I should be pissing sweet tea and shitting rainbows and never utter one complaint right?

So I just don't blog because I am so super scared that I am going to say something stupid or insensitive. However, the problem with this is I am loosing my outlet. So I really undecided about how to proceed with my blogging experience.

I haz guilt.


Aunt Becky said...

So glad that you're back! Blog when you want don't when you don't, you know?

noswimmers said...

Put it all out there...they are your thoughts/feelings. No one should judge you for that.

Christina said...

I agree, put it all out here. I'll admit that I feel like crap a lot too and I'm left wondering why I don't skip around and have a permanent smile on my face like I feel I should.

Beautiful Mess said...

I'm glad you're feeling well and your little guy is well. I can see you having guilt, but if this is your outlet, maybe you should use it as such. Either way, we'll love ya!

To A T said...

This is YOUR outlet Marie! Don't be afraid to put anything out there... I was having the same issues/ thoughts about my blog too, but decided- it's MY blog and people who "know" me, know that I wouldn't intentionally offend anyone. Plus pgy is HARD! Complain away my friend! (Then I won't feel so bad being the only one ;-)