Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I did it.

I finally submitted my application to my dream job.

I feel like I wanna throw up. True it could be the leftover roast that I ate for lunch that MAY have been in the fridge a little too long, but I really think it is the possibility of leaving my comfy,yet low pay, job in search of a whole brand spankin new career.

I know this is my job. I feel it.

I would be good for it and it would be good for me.

I am very burnt out right now and I need a change. I need a total job makeover if you will.

So I sit here. Waiting.

Little rumblies in my tummy.

Damn pot roast.


kate said...

Ooh! Congrats on taking that step out there toward a new job! I hope you get it!!

To A T said...

Congrats on the first step!! You go girl!! :)

LiL Moo & Mee said...

Good luck and I hope the tummy has settled down lol.

rachaelgking said...

Ahhhhh! Congrats and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!