Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Under Pressure

Well I think it's finally happening.

I am coming down from the high of new mommy hood and looking around at the chaos that is my job, house, finances, personal life and having a leeeeetle tiny melt-down.

I am blissfully happy.

My house is a shambles.

I am totally awe struck with my children.

I needz a good nights sleep.

I am totally bonded with the Connor's daddy.

I feel out of sinc with my husband.

I am happy that my mother found love.

I hate(ish) my new step-father.

I don't need or want anything.

It's a good thing cause I gotz no money in the bank.

I am thankful I have a job

I hate(full blown) my job.

I get to travel to see extended family next month.

The circumstances for the trip, however, suck.

I take Vacation the first week of July.

Sing it with me now. "IIIIIIIII aint got no muuuuhahuuuuuny.

I love my blog.

You get crappy posts like this...


kate said...

I can relate to almost everything on your list (um, except the step-father and job stuff, because I don't have either of those! Um, or the vacation stuff because I don't have a job to take a vacation from!). Becoming a mother is... weird! Wonderful, I hope, but so so so weird. H and I are already starting to treat each other like co-parents instead of husband/wife! Noooo!

Marie said...

I am glad you got that Kate. After I reread I was all "Shit, people are going to think Eric is not my baby daddy lol.

It's very hard. Mommy and Daddy are still very much in love but it's just harder to remember to show it?