Friday, May 14, 2010

Back in the stirrups

I gained four pounds since Conner started eating more solid foods. I guess I can no longer shove whatever I want down my gullet and expect him to suck the pounds away.

Silver lining= I found hot, mail(I just went back to reread, which I hardly ever do and I mean MALE. I just wanted you to see what everyone else is dealing with on a day to day basis with me.) yoga in the Netflix work-out instant watch section. I think that might be enough to get a morning work-out routine started.

I am not sure what is wrong with me but I have been feeling very light-headed the last couple of days. I went for my birth-control check-up. It's ACTUALLY my annual exam but I only went because they threatened to not give me my pills; and even though it took 3 years to have our bundle of joy, the thought of doing it again so soon sort of get me panicky. (I really didn't expect to feel that way)


I have been feeling like I am perpetually tipsy, buzzed, spacey, dreaming, but not in a good way. Moving my head to fast makes me dizzy. Reaching above my head and things like that I can't tolerate right now so I am getting a little alarmed.

My Dr. check my ears for infection and my blood for anemia and my blood-sugar and there is no reason for me to feel this way. My blood pressure was border-line high, which is very strange since it was perfect during pregnancy but they said it is something we need to watch.

So my doc said, "Call me if it doesn't go away."

Me,"How long?"

Him, "Whenever, it will probably go away?"

Me, "Probably"

Me, "Liiiike in a couple days?"

Him, "That's fine"

Me, "What's fine?"

Him, "It will go away."

Me, "But, I feel like I just drank a shot of tequila all the time."

Him, "Well then maybe you should make an appointment with your doctor."

Me, ?????????????????

So, I don't really have a primary care Dr. and they referred me to one that just got indicted for pre*scription handling a*buse. So I guess I need to find someone else. I am really worried about the whole thing. I don't feel right. I feel like I am in a dream.

I am scared that this is


How could I possible be depressed. I don't FEEL depressed.

Do I?

I took the online quizzes and ya know what?

I do.


I know something is off.

But I do know I am happy. Just very, very tired.


kate said...

Grr. I *hate* dismissive doctors! It's, like, my #1 pet peeve. Take my concerns seriously, dang it! Frankly, I'd just start calling back on a daily basis, saying that it's not going away and that you were told to call if it didn't go away. It should be of concern that your BP numbers were off, especially if you don't have any real history of those numbers being bad.

And yeah, I hate it when they withhold prescriptions from you until you see them. I've been taking the same damn medication for 4+ years now, and was advised to continue taking it through this pregnancy, and when I called for a refill, my doctor was out of the office on vacation and whomever it was that was taking her calls tried to give me sh(t about getting a refill, how they'd give me ONE refill, but then I'd have to call back and talk to my normal doc. And I'm thinking, "Beeyotch, I'm pregnant with TWINS. I'm TIRED. I do not need to be hassled with bleeping calling back AGAIN to get this sh(t straightened out! Nor do I need to discover a week postpartum that my script has run out and I don't have any refills left and that I have to figure out how to get myself and two squawling infants into the doctor, just to get a refill on a frickin' pill I've been taking for YEARS..."

Um, yeah. Another pet issue of mine, frankly.

Anyhow, the spinny-head feeling could definitely be caused by depression. It could also be anxiety (which obviously goes hand in hand with depression at times) or just generalized stress (which would also cause your BP to rise, too), both of which are extremely common postpartum. It's worth thinking about, at least. Definitely call back and find a doctor who isn't such a dismissive ass...

Must get back on Netflix soon... I have a feeling we'll want to have movies available and delivered to our house once the twins get here!

Marie said...

Girl you WILL want netflix. I sat on the couch with my boobs out for two weeks. LOTS OF TV TIME.