Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's his party and I'll cry if I want to.

I feel sorry for my kids today.

I feel bad that they don't have a mother who can plan birthday parties months in advance complete with a huge guest list, ponies, clowns..scratch the scary clowns..., but GAH!!

Conner's birthday is in three days and ask me what I have done in honor of the baby that I literally STOOD ON MY HEAD to have.

Nothing, zilcho, nadda, zero.

I don't have the cake ordered. I didn't send out invitations. I thought, "meh, I'll get to it."

That was a month ago and I simply never got to it.

Now I am all shitty and depressed that my baby won't have a good party Saturday and he will hate me and his dad will be his new favorite person when all he is going to do it SHOW UP!

And now I am all mad at Eric and he is not here to defend himself.

The reality is. Our family is well aware of his special day.

The ones that matter in his life will show up and don a party hat and watch him tear the shit out of his cake.

Then we will have a great dinner and laugh as a mess is made of the freshly cleaned dining room. And it will be ok.

It will be O-KIZ-AY. (Sorry, I have been watching a bunch of Madagascar)

He is here. He is healthy.

We will celebrate his first year of life Saturday with all our hearts.

I feel better now.


Beautiful Mess said...

First birthday parties are totally overrated, yo! (I end pretty much all my statements with that, now) Connor won't care about anything except for the cake and the boxes his expensive toys come in. But I'm sure you know this already.

I have NO doubt he will have a GREAT birthday! Celebrate it any way you like! Happy birthday to Connor and happy GIVE birth day to YOU!

kate said...

OMG, I read this post and thought, 'WHAT AN AWFUL MOTHER!'

Um, okay, I *totally* did not think that! Are you kidding? He's not even gonna notice! He's going to be thrilled to see all the people he loves in one place, and he's gonna love being the center of attention for the day.
(Oh, wait... that was this past weekend... He *did* have a great time, right?)

Never the less, congrats on making it one whole year as a mama to two! Big milestone!! And Happy Birthday to sweet Connor!