Wednesday, February 27, 2008

mid week blues

Being a part-time parent really bites. My son's father and I have joint costudy of our 7 year old son. This means that I am a part time mom. I hate the way that sounds so much. It makes me feel like a bad mother. Having to share with someone who you dont like is very hard. I am an only child and sharing with someone that I do like is sometimes a challenge. The bitch is I know that E(my son) is lucky that we both care so much to want to share.

Today he got in trouble at school for shoving a girl. Now as this is my blog and I know he will not read it I can unleash my tongue.....His father is a total pig to woman and had E today. That being said he didnt really get any punishment other that writing a few sentences. Tomorrow will be another day and he will have forgotten what he did and I can chose to be the bad guy and really punish him or I can let it go and let him grow up to be a sissy that mistreats women. Well I called his father to see how this was handled and nicely explained my take on the situation (leaving out the pig part). He said he will ground him. (whatever)

While my sweet little (girl pusher) was at his fathers I was at my English class. I had to miss last week becuase E had strep throat. I got to class to learn that we were supposed to schedule a conference with the professor about a research paper we have due next week. I explained to her why I was not there and she said so sorry but that was 10% of your grade so I am going to start of with a 90. That sucks!!!!

I am still waiting on my cramps and bloating and moodiness so that we can try again for another little angel to terrorize our neighboring elementary school.

Well I am calling it a night
Take care!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment yesterday! That was a lot to read! :) I'm glad you decided to join our little blogosphere, hope you get some answers soon.

Io said...

Hi Marie! Welcome to the blogosphere! I love your blog name - I hate it when people start giggling about how "it" is in the water.
Maybe instead of punishing your son, you can just talk to him about it?

Anonymous said...

Blogging was very addicting for a while, then I kind of hit a plateau where I am now where I sometimes have to squeeze a post out - I'm just not feeling very creative or exciting. :)

Good luck with temping! I love numbers and analyzing them, so temping is fun for me. Just try to do it at the exact same time every morning so your results are accurate - I had problems with that in the beginning. Lots of luck!