Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Is it just me or does my widget baby look like he has a huge peen? I can help it, everytime I look at it that is what I see. I need help.

Oh yeah, the mouse ate my cookies. That fucker is goin down. I am buying glue traps tomorrow and PETA? Well, you can kiss my ass.


noswimmers said...

Bwaahhaaa hahahaha! That's one HUGE peen! Dang!!
ROFL, thanks for the great laugh.

Anonymous said...

LOL Screw PETA. I've never been one of "those" vegetarians. The rodents and/or roaches can all die!

Morgan said...

I literally laughed out loud when you said "that fucker is going down"...hilarious!!

And no you are not a sicko, it was the same with my little Mason's U/S pic when we found out the gender, even the U/S Tech was like WHOA NELLY! LOL!

Beautiful Mess said...

Go get em, killer! You don't need any type of help, I think you have a wonderful mind! It's dirty and I love it! :o)

Christina said...

Those widget babies always look a little strange to me!

You get that fucker for eating your cookies!! How can he think that he can just eat your cookies like that??!!