Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Its Christmas Eve!

I have a special visitor that decided to drop in at my desk for the holidays. I was sitting here with a client yesterday and a mouse ran behind my computer. I cleared my desk and almost landed in the poor man's lap.

I have serious issues with rodents. They move to fast, have beady eyes, twitch and they just scare the shit out of me. Right now I am sitting as far away from my desk as I can get and pause every few seconds to look around for my little friend.

I almost brought my cat to work but he doesn't like cars or stangers. I then thought about bringing E's bb gun but that wouldn't work because I am no where near a good enough shot. I can't work though. I keep thinking something is crawling up my leg.

I stayed up all night making goodies but I am scared to bring anything to my desk in fear that he will find a crumb and decide to live here. I only have to stay half the day so 1:00 can not get here soon enough.

I am doing pretty well with E not being here. Eric is taking me somewhere tonight at 9:30. Its a suprise. He seems to think its a good one as his exact words were, "I bet I get some tonight." It will have to be good because I have a lot on my to do list tonight and the last time I checked, he wasn't on there.


To A T said...

I hope it's an EXCELLENT surprise! Can't wait to hear what it is!

Oh and I am so with you on mice! Eww. Sick. Gross. I hate 'em!

Aunt Becky said...

You'd better follow up with the surprise, dude. I want to know!

And Ben just left, too. There's a gaping hole where he normally is. I hate sharing holidays.

Aunt Becky said...


Marie said...

Yes, sharing really sucks! I think Eric is trying to take my mind off him being gone. He caught me crying last night.

Anonymous said...

LOL You just have to laugh at the menfolk sometimes. I hate the mice too!