Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh the blood boiling

I just found my kid on the internet.

I just found my kid on his step-moms blog.

I don't know why I am so pissed about this. I am though. She started a mommy blog. She put his picture up. She didn't even ask. What if I don't want him on the internet. I am not putting on here for anonymous reasons. But if I blogged under my real name I probably wouldn't put him on here either.

Be truthful friends. Am I making to much of this?

The fertile bitch has 4 children.

Why does she gotta try to mommy mine?

She went on and on about how busy they keep her. She is NEVER alone with my son. By her choice. She throws a fit if he asks to come over there early when his dad is not home.

He has told me many things that make me feel that they do not have a close relationship.

I don't know if I should say something?

I know I am flaming pissed tho.

Am I making too much out of this? You can be honest.


Beautiful Mess said...

Oh I'd be pissed! Don't want to fuel your fire or anything, but I don't want ANYONE posting MY kids' pictures without my permission. My dad even asked if he could post a picture of my kids on a website he was doing. If I was in your situation, I'd say something to her. or maybe talk to your ex about it?
Good luck, I hope it all works out!

Rikki said...

No you aren't making to much of this at all! I'd be pissed as all hell of it were me.

I'd mention it to your ex and tell him to have her take the picture down.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you aren't making too much of it. I'd have a discussion with them. I'd sit both their @sses down and tell them you'd like to have the pics and any future reference to your son excluded from the blog. You have every right to want him kept off the internet for safety reasons. She should have consulted you first. Some people just don't think.

Morgan Owens said...

I don't think you are making a big deal out of it at all, that's YOUR son! But then again if you say something there is a chance she will take the blog down and then you wont know her dirty little secrets and everything she has to!

To A T said...

I'd be seriously ticked! He is your son not hers and YOU should have the say-all when it comes to pics of your son being posted online. There are too many crazies out there.

I would talk to you ex about how uncomfortable it makes you and DEMAND that they be taken off her blog!!

Peeveme said...

NO I do not think you are making too much of this. I; be pissed. BUT I would not say a word about it. She wont understand and you'll just come off as the controlling bitch. She wanted to tell the world what a wonderful step-mom she is. You know the truth.

Also, as a step-mom I always had a very hard time with how much to include my step son. I don't want it to come off like I am claiming to be his mom. On the other hand if I leave him out....I may get in trouble for leaving him out. It's a real catch 22 for a step-parent.

Peeveme said...

Ok I just read the other posts and realize I am totally the minority opinion here. I guess since I am a step-mom I can see the other side. Also, I know a thing or two about maintaining a good relationship between mom and step-mom.

Believe me, I understand being pissed. But there is a time when it's just not gonna be productive no matter how right you are.

Tiffanie said...

i'd be mad that she didn't ask you first, but you have to realize, dumb whores are just that:)

*sorry, did i take that too far?

Anonymous said...

NO, you are not making too much of this. TAKE THAT BABY-MAKING BITCH DOWN, STAT. I'd be pissed too. Find out if your ex okayed it because if he did, he needs to have his testicles removed, NOW.

Marie said...

thank you guys! I don't think I would be so upset if it wasn't for a blog shown on the town news*paper website. Every crazy can see him whenever they want.

She is also very cold to him. She is not a bad person but she has a ton going on and doesn't really play an active role in his life so to act like it in front of everyone is a slap in his face.