Sunday, December 7, 2008


Me: I gotta go to that Christmas concert in a little while.

Eric: You can't go you are sick.

Me: I have to go I am getting a 100% for a test grade and I need that to at least get a B.

Eric: You better get ready.

Me: I am just going like I am.

Eric: Not if you are going with me.

Me: You are going with me?

Eric: I can't let you go alone you are sick and slightly drunk from nyquil and hot damn.

Me: Awww thank you.

I get ready and try not to look like ass (which is how I feel.) I shower and dress in a Christmas sweater. Fix my hair and put my best makeup face on. Stumble to the car and shove a stick of gum in my mouth.

We get there and I find my professor so she knows I came. I talk to a few people I know and we settle in our seat.

Eric: Honey

Me: What? (As I snuggle closer to him)

Eric: Try not to talk to anyone else ok?

Me: why?

Eric: You smell like oranges and hot damn.

Me: Damn

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To A T said...

LOL oranges and hot damn! I hope no one noticed but him :)