Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Christmas List

A Snickers Blizard from Dairy Queen(I always forget it when I am out)
The Twilight Series
Time to read the Twilight Series
A Hammack for my back yard
Toe Socks
A Scarf(totally don't need one unless I get my snow day)
Snow Day
All day to play in the snow with my child.
Ceramic Curling Iron
A dance with my husband
A really good kiss
One sick day where I am not really sick and I do nothing but bake and read.
A bra that fits perfectly and there is no third boobage in the middle.
The ritz crackers that are super crispy that I can't seem to find anymore.
The ability to be the vision of the mom and wife that I have in my head.
For my son to always now that he is loved.
For my husband to know the same.
For my mom to find love.



Anonymous said...

Toe socks totally freak me out!

Anonymous said...

Amen on the bra! And why can't they last more than a few months without having to look like something made in the USSR?

Peeveme said...

OH, for the curling iron check out e-bay. They have CHI (the best in my opinion) that are much cheaper than you can find in a store. The rest of your list sounds lovely. Especially the part about you family.