Thursday, July 16, 2009

60 days!!!!!!!!

Or just about anyway. I will have a scheduled c-section so I know I will go earlier than my due date. Wowza! Right now the babies room is waiting for carpet and paint and my baby's stuff if taking up half the living room. I am starting to get a little antsy, but I have been so busy I can't seem to get anything done at home.

Last week both of my grandfathers started having health problems and we spent most of the week visiting both of them. One of them needed a pace maker and the other is being treated for congestive heart failure and pneumonia. I think that for the most part both of them are out of the woods but I do worry about them. Also, my grandmother is in the hospital today having tests on her heart to check for blockage. So if you pray, please give a little shout out for her.

I know that I am very fortunate to still have both sets of grandparents and I want so much for my children to be able to have the same relationship with them that I was blessed with.

I am feeling pretty good for the most part. I just have to watch the heat since it averages about 105 every freakin day. I feel so sweaty and gross most of the time.

I am going crazy worrying about my gestational diabetes. I was doing really well staying within the numbers they wanted until this week and they have been a little high. Not terrible just a little elevated. I rarely ever go over 150 but have occasionally. My doctor says all is fine and my numbers look great so I just keep doing my best.

I am a little obsessive about it and the stress and worry I am doing is probably worse than the actual diagnosis. I have even read that there are many studies about gestational diabetes not even being a real disease. I don't want to hurt my baby but I also don't want to take a bunch of medicine that could be avoided. I don't even take Tylenol if I can avoid it. I was not offered any classes or anything and was only given a written diet that is pretty darn confusing. The only food that really makes my sugar crazy is cereal and that happens to be what I want all the time. I dream about it. Crave it. I have tried all kinds and the lowest reading I got was with fruity pebbles. No, I am not still eating them. But I want to.

I have hardly gained any weight since being diagnosed and I eat what I want just limiting white bread and I have cut out all sweets. I always make sure I eat some sort of salad, vegetable, or fruit with my food and am trying to eat a lot of protein and fiber too.

I have started making a list of things I plan on eating once my womb is vacant again but since I have started loosing inches and toning up, I might just stick to this. Maybe..don't hold me to it.

I did learn that they make sugar-free Oreos.

I have yet to find them :(.

If any of you have any information on diabetes or good recipes I would love to hear about them!


Io said...

Oh my gosh, it's flying by, isn't it? 60 days!
Now. Stop freaking about the GD and tell me how the HELL you live somewhere it averages 105 degrees. or is it Hell? It sounds like it.
I hope your grandparents are okay.

Marie said...

Texas baby!! I hate the heat but my pansy ass couldn't take a real winter.

Aunt Becky said...


kate said...

I've been thinking of y'all over there with your insane heatwave! I hate being in NC, *except* for times like now when things start going flippin' crazy back home with the raging heat. It's hot here, but until you've lived it (like you know!), you don't understand how over 100 degrees is just a whole different thing to deal with than 95, 98, 99... I still miss home, of course, and would gladly deal with the heat, but all the same. I have to take my perks where I can get them, right??

Beautiful Mess said...

60 days?! That's CRAZY! I've got a diabetes cookbook and I can send you some recipes if you would like. I've made a few of them and they are REALLY good! Email me if you're interested and I'll hook ya up, hon!

Lola said...

105? My pansy ass couldn't take a Texas summer!!!!