Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Baby

I know you don't know what kick counts are, but they are something that mommy has to do everyday to make sure that you are staying healthy in there. You are always a champ at kick counts. You rock my belly every morning from about 9:30 to 12:00 and then take a nice long nap until the afternoon where you start your acrobatics again.

Imagine my suprise and dismay when Sunday morning I didn't hear a peep out of you during kick count time. Imagine my utter horrer when I only got a couple of movements out of you Sunday night and nothing again Monday morning.

Yes I did get to listen to your heartbeat and see your cute little body in the extra sonogram that we got when you STILL refused to move in the Dr.'s office. And we did have a relaxing hour at the hospital while being hooked up to monitors that I am just sure you didn't like since you kept hiding all over my stomach.

The kicker here, my dear little boy, is that APPARENTLY you have decided to do your martial arts at night while I am sleeping. And sleep during kick count time.

Your father did kick count time last night at 1:00(am) and I slept through it.

Its fine now but I need to let you know that Mommy is not very pleasant to be around at 1(am) so If we could get back on the lovely schedule of playtime being at 10(AM) I would VERY much appriciate it.

I love you so very much and cant wait for kick counts when I can see your cute chubby legs flying through the air coupling with a couple of grins.


P.S. If you really like 1(am), its ok. We will just make Daddy stay home and play with you since he is a night owl too.


Morgan said...

LOL that's cute!! Mason did the same thing, towards the end his "active hours" changed!

looking4#3 said...

I can completely relate to this post. I am a nervous wreck today waiting for our U/S. I have been having HORRIBLE dreams that things are NOT right!
AAhhh, the worry these little ones put on us!!!
Glad he is atleast cooperating at night for Daddy!!!

Aunt Becky said...

Mimi did this all the time. FREAKED me out.

Beautiful Mess said...

That little stinker! Be nice to your mommy, baby boy! it will benefit you A LOT. I promise you!

honeywine said...

Makes my heart hit my stomach! I can never hear about babies not kicking without thinking of the E.R. episode where Dr. Carter and his wife lose their baby. Scares the crap out of me!

Io said...

Hey lady, sorry I disappeared for a while - I'm so glad to see the kid is doing well and already driving you nuts!

To A T said...

That little stinker! He needs to understand that NO mommy is at her best at 1AM!! LOL

Tiffanie said...

that's cute! glad everything is ok.

Lola said...

The boy did that to me for an entire month. Very scary time, and then he came back full force.

Glad he's just messing with you. It might mean, however, that he's going to be a born night owl, like me ;(

La La said...

Just stopping by to say thanks for the comment on my blog. =)

That is terribly cute that your hubby did a kick count while you were sleeping. Glad to hear the LO is alright, being pregnant can be a scary, nerve wrecking experience.

noswimmers said...

Oh my, that must have been scary! Yes little one, you should reserve play time for 10am! :) Let's not get comfy with this middle-of-the-night thing.

Brendan and Brenna's Mom said...

How cute!

paisana said...

First, I want to apologize for being such a bad reader/commenter. Second, I wanted to offer my most sincere congratulations on your new addition.