Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Too Much Tuesday

Well my camping trip ended abruptly when I overheated while cooking breakfast Saturday morning. I started feeling weak and dizzy and so we called it a weekend and went home to enjoy the air conditioning.

I am having trouble with my breathing. I am not sure it the baby is positioned funny and crowding my lungs or what. After eating I feel like I can take a full breath and it really freaks me out. I also have a pretty fast heart beat.

I got for my 3 hour screen tomorrow so today I am really trying to watch my carbs and praying that I don't fail that test. If I do I will make the appropriate changes to my diet but I feel super cheated. I have not ate anywhere near the amount of ice cream I was planning on for summer yet!

I am having trouble with Ethan's father about visitation again. We always have issues in the summer.

We agree on something and then he gets mad and changes to hurt me. He doesn't realize that he is only hurting E.

I found out that he is leaving E home alone with two other 9 year old little boys and his 12 year old adopted sister. I am in no way comfortable with this. I have googled everything imaginable and also called cps to see what Texas laws are on leaving your child home alone and from what I can gather, there is no legal age. I think that 4 children under the age of 12 left unsupervised all day is asking for trouble. However, I have to release my child to him since the papers say I do.

Oh and the decision to leave the home alone is not because they are poor and can not afford child care. It's because he is super cheap and can get free childcare out of this little girl that grew up taking care of her real brothers and sisters at the ripe age of 4. She has never had a childhood to speak of. I feel that she is responsible and could be trusted to stay home alone, but even I would have trouble with three 9 year old little boys.

I was told as a consolation that if something did happen that I would not be held responsible since he is not in my care.

Tell me what the hell it would matter if I was "responsible" or not. I would have to live with the decision to "obey" the rules and forgo my judgement and instincts, if something happened to my son.

What would you do?

Oh and did I mention that one of the children have special needs?

Joint custody sucks.


Beautiful Mess said...

Sorry about your camping trip being cut short. Glad you're feeling better though! As far as E goes, is there anyway for you to talk to your ex about having E for part of the day? Or going half on daycare costs? Or maybe a summer camp for him? Three 9 year old boys spells trouble. I can't imagine they would have respect and listen tot he 12 year old. My daughter is 12 and I could NEVER imagine leaving her with three 9 year old boys! The poor girl would go INSANE! I think here in Oregon, the laws states that a child can't be held responsible for another until he/she is 14. I think, I could be wrong though. Wouldn't surprise me, if I was. I hope you can get it all worked out! Good luck on your 3 hour test!

Christina said...

I agree with the pp, is there anyway you can convince your ex that E needs to be in summer camp, doing something fun (and supervised) with other kids his age?

Marie said...

If it will cost him anything he is not going to do it. I do have E enrolled in a few summer camps but they are on my weeks most of the time.

Peeveme said...

Joint custody is impossible and all you can do is work with what you can control.

Aunt Becky said...

gah, i have no advice. I just understand. and i'm sorry.