Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I want to have summer break with E. We could play outside and eat popsicles. Read books and go to the park and fish and swim. Basically I just want to be free to sit on my ass till the baby is born.

I don't think I have ever missed summer vacation as badly as I do right now.


Beautiful Mess said...

Awwww. Can't you take ANY time off at all? I hope so! Summer is such a good time for the kids, they are so care free. Remember when we were like that? Yeah me neither :-|

To A T said...

I hear ya!! I want a summer vacation too... maybe I should become a teacher? ;-)

kate said...

Being a grown up SUCKS! One of the main reasons I quit my job last year is tha H and I have been trying to take a trip to Germany for almost six years, and finally, if I quit my job, we would have the time off to do that.

Of course, we're now staring down the fact that one income SUCKS, but I'll start looking for work once we get back. Sigh.

looking4#3 said...

I can't wait for summer vacation and for my daughter to finally be finished with school this year!!! We are going to the NJ shore for 2 weeks in July, then in August, I am taking in an inner city child for two weeks!!! I can't wait!!!
Hope you get some time off and you and E can enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer!!!

Teresa said...

I just want summer dang it. I think it's being canceled this year in Colorado.

You made summer sound even more wonderful than it is.