Friday, June 19, 2009

Pin cushion

Updated... I decided I knew more than my doctor and had a cookie. Bad idea, my blood sugar shot up to 145..oops.

I, Marie at That special water, will hold what my doctor tells me true to my little bitty heart..amen.

I wan't another cookie :(.

Y'all see my baby over there? He is getting pretty cute. I hope he looks like his dad. My husband had the bluest eyes and most handsome face and I am so excited to see his son. We have a name picked out but I am still not sure I want to share it on here but just know that it is a good one. I can tell you that his middle name is not Maximus or Optimus, Eric. I think that we have the middle name but I am not sure as Eric is changing his mind. I really don't mind what he chooses as long as it has no reference to "Transformers" or "Iron Man".

E is still at his dad's and will hopefully be home Monday. I say hopefully because technically his dad has until July 1st to keep him but in the past we have always just split up the summer by weeks instead. E made it very clear that he wanted to come home after a week so maybe his father will play nice and do what is best for his son. I miss him so much when he is gone but as he grows I know that he is having a good time and being active and that better than sitting around playing video games all summer. My grandparents are taking him camping next week and he also has boyscout day camp coming up.

I am pretty sure that I do NOT have GD. I have checked my blood sugar all day while eating my diet plan and my sugar was great if not a little low. Since I am not drinking a bottle of pure sugar everyday I feel that I do not have to be worried about controlling the levels. I don't know all there is to know about GD but I would think that I would have gotten a high reading at least once since I started checking myself right? Before I failed the second test I had half a pan of rice krispy treats (shut-up) and my sugar didn't even spike. So, instead of making myself crazy I am going to make healthy eating decisions (most of the time) and continue to monitor my blood sugar levels and will take action if I see a problem.

Well I have bored you beautiful people quite enough so run out and find a funny blog to get the bad taste out...

Love ya!!


Beautiful Mess said...

Damn stoopid doctor that just HAS to be correct with his GD diagnosis! No fair! As much as GD sucks, it would suck A LOT more to have a 10 pound baby. I had a 9 pound one, that was bad enough. Good luck, hon! Sending you lots of "I don't want another cookie" vibes.

Lola said...

I know absolutely nothing about GD, so I'll just say I hope you're right and the doc is wrong.

looking4#3 said...

My Mom has diabetes, not sure if gestestional and regular are the same or not. But, with her, she has to watch her carbs intake. Limit the bread, pasta and potatoes. Also, "cream" of whatever is not good!! She is not a sweet eater, so the carbs are what do her in everytime!!
Good Luck. I hope the Dr is wrong. But, just incase make sure you carry some gluclose tablets with you incase you happen to "bottom out" and get too low!!
And yes, I do happen to agree with you---that baby is getting mighty cute these days!!

kate said...

Ah, GD! That sucks. I'm so sorry! But here. Can't you see? I'm baking you an enormous ooey gooey virtual cookie to help you get through it! Virtual cookies are *almost* as good as real ones, right?

noswimmers said...

Hehe...pan of rice krispy bars. MMMM, that sounds REALLY good!

It's so hard to eat right. Ugh...especially when you just want to cram your face full of whatever (speaking for myself).

Hoping the next 12 1/2 weeks fly by!! :)