Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hey Let's do a Meme

SCATTERGORIES - it’s harder than it looks!

Take the first letter of your favorite color and answer to the following:

1) What is your favorite color? Green

2) Something you would poke? Great big ole zit

3) Something you would reheat? Gravy

4) Something you would carry in your purse? Gum

5) Something you would recycle? Grocery bags

6) Something you would scream if being attacked? Good Lord

7) Something you are wearing right now? green fingernail polish (it was a mistake and I am too lazy to get it off)

8 ) Something that would make you blush? got nothin (I do not blush very easily)

9) Something that would cure a bad day? Great big hug from hubby

10) Something that you would photograph at the zoo? Gorilla flinging poo ( I have seen it and its not pretty)

Ok, I tag everyone

1 comment:

Jen said...

I used to play Scattergories when I was little. It is hard.