Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nice to meet you

Well since I have been blogging for a while now, I thought I would introduce you to my mother.

My mom is the oldest of 4 and is a single woman learning to adjust to living on her own and working a full-time job. She is a very religious person and has strong views as to how she lives her life. Needless to say that finding a man that fits into this niche is not easy.
Mom is terrible shy and sometimes this comes across as very unsociable. She doesn’t fit into just any crowd. No smoking, drinking, cursing, etc etc if she feels that you partake in any of these things then you can hang it up.

While it is good to have standards, she is so incredibly lonely and sad. I want her to be happy and find love again. My mom is only 48 and if feel that she has a whole new life to be lived and countless adventures.

She was raised to believe that everything is sinful and you can see this in her face. If a prince rode up to her on a white horse with a rose in his teethe followed by a golden carriage full of rubies, but had a tattoo, she would send him packing.

She is so angry at my father for leaving after 24 years of marriage she also does not trust anyone. She is still so angry. I want to help her but I just do not know how.

My parents divorced 7 years ago and my mom has lived by herself and held a full-time job a total of 2 years. The other time she has lived with me or her parents. She does not have any drive or ambition to have a career she just wants to be married and stay home. But, she wants to travel and have nice things. I guess to sum it up she wants a rich, religious man who like to travel, play games and doesn’t mind if she reads romance novels 24/7 and plays on the computer…any takers?

My introduction does have a point. My dad’s parents are coming for a visit this weekend and I told her so that she would not be surprised if she showed up. She is still terrible uncomfortable around him or his family.

She called just called me at work and wants me to come over after work because she has something to tell me. I am wondering what it is. I told her she better not be pregnant and told her I would see her at 5:30. I just love messing with her.


HereWeGoAJen said...

That would be a tough adjustment, after a whole life of living with someone.

Anonymous said...

I dunno this pregnant thing seems to be going around. lol I don't think I'd joke like that with the luck we've been having! :)

And I don't blame you one bit for not going to the shower...especially if it's a big one. How I hate the big ones.

Io said...

That would have to be so hard to try and change your life so completely. I hope your mom finds a rich nice guy to marry!