Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Catching my breath

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend. I was too tired to update yesterday but I have a LOT to get off my chest. As I mentioned last post my grandparents came to visit for a few days.

I was prepared. The toilets were scrubbed, everything in its home, vacuumed, scrubbed, mopped and I even made sure the cabinets and closets were tidy. I stocked the house with groceries and greeted with a smile on my face. Everything was great Thursday night. We invited Eric's parents over for dinner and my mom came. We had a wonderful time.

Here is where the shiteth hiteth the fan:

You all know the favorite question right??? Yep. When are y'all gonna have a baby. DUM, DUM, DUUUUUM. I shrugged off, laughed off, gave little detail. Finally by that night mind you there were only here 4 hours all the hated things were said.

  • God will work in his time.
  • Maybe you should adopt a little baby then you would get pregnant

It gets so much worse. Here is what I was not prepared for:

"Oh honey, you aren't taking any of those fertility pills are you? Those things seem so dangerous to me. Its just not natural and who knows what it will do to your body. You know God is the only one capable of creating life and if you screw around with that you are in trouble. You know that they are growing babies in the tubes now? I saw it on oh...one of those talk show.....i don't remember which one. I just wonder if those children are natural. I just don't think its right. You just don't play with God's work."

I felt the heat in my face, I took a very deep cleansing breath and went to bed.


Don't tell anyone over 65 about fertility. They will not get it and will probably say something that will royally piss you off.


Io said...

Ack. Thats the worst - people who say horrid shit like that but they are people you love and care about, so you can't just go apeshit on them. ::hugs::

Sassy said...

Oh God. How horrible. I'm so sorry you had to hear that. Go treat yourself, you deserve it.

Jen said...

Blech. I hate those questions and everyone's advice. I think my new future plans are to just agree with whatever everyone says so that they drop the subject.

kate said...

Oh, gosh. Sorry about those comments! I really hope that when I get to be that age that I still have an open mind... I don't know how you got through it without smacking someone!

Keri said...

Gah! Thos comments are always the worst. If anyone says that kind of thing around me, I ask them if they'd take insulin if they had diabetes. They always say yes, and then I kindly inform them that insulin is a hormone, but you'd be injecting synthetic insulin. Made in a tube. Is that natural?

Usually shuts them up or at least takes the argument to a less personal place.