Thursday, August 21, 2008


So Eric made me promise to delete the posts last night if he helped me find the remote for my TV in the bedroom. He did end up finding it so here goes.

Due to the fact that the lady at the lab royally pissed me off yesterday, I may have been a tad hostile and he may not have been as big of an ass that I made him out to be. He was deeply involved in watching the Olympics and didn't want to be disturbed.

I hear by declare that Eric does not or for the most part has never been such an ass that he leaked rancid grease.

I do love him so.

Now back to the lab. I have found that Eric's tests are covered completely (tyfm!) He is a little freaked so I emailed him this post so that he knows that he is not alone. And because it is so moving and sweet and that is what I want he to focus on, the bigger picture.

Anyway, the lab says we need to pre-register as we will be bring the sample from home. So I stopped yesterday to do this. The hospital is 30 miles away so I though I would go ahead and due this while I was there and save a trip.

Come to find out you have to pre-register the day of. Yes they want us to drive over, go home, get the stuff, and come back. So not happening. Eric will have to do it all on his own now because I will not be able to go with him. He is not happy about this at all.

It feels to me that when we have trouble with something we call a professional. Whether it be a plumber, contractor, mechanic etc. They make us feel better and fix the problem. They normally work until we are satisfied or they do not get paid. Doctors on the other hand get paid regardless. They have that little insurance card before they even see you. If they do not do what you worries they still get paid. Maybe if they got paid when a service was completed they would do a better job. I'm just sayin

Also the fact that people with insurance are charged more than people without is PURE D bullshit. Again, I'm just sayin


Io said...

That's a good post to send - nice timing on Lolly's part!
He'll be ok - and it should be a lot nicer to get to do it at home than having to go to the closet at the doctor's!
Thank goodness you guys didn't do the BS $600 test.

HereWeGoAJen said...

It is nice that the tests are being covered completely!

That is a weird rule, about pre-registering the day of.

Andy said...

HI from ICLW!

I've always felt that doctors are the one profession where, even though YOU hire THEM, that they don't act like they are responsible to you, or that they should have to answer to you for anything.

I hear ya!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've stopped wanting to kill your husband. lol Personally, it's a toss up on any given day whether or not I want to kill M. At least, he's willing to go even though you won't be there. I think when/if the time comes, I'll have to strap M. to the hood of the car.

Be thankful that you can get the tests without paying too much out of pocket. Docs are always running a racket.

Anonymous said...

My DH has to perform this exact ritual next Friday! Good thing we live 20 minutes from the RE so he can do the deed at home! He was pretty nervous about having to have this particular test... til I told him I'd buy him a new p0rno! He's fine now!