Thursday, January 15, 2009


Thank you guys for your well wishes!

I am already going to start picking brains.

I need to know if everyone gets a beta? Will my ob perform one or do I ask for it? What are good numbers?

I read lots about getting pregnant and now I need to know how to do pregnant. Anything else I should ask the Dr?

Thank you in advance!


To A T said...

At my OB you have to ask for one otherwise they won't.

Can't wait to hear!! Fingers and everything else XcrossedX

Marie said...

Thank you T. I am so very scared.

Elana Kahn said...

Heeeeey that's great news!!! Unless you were seeing a fertility doctor who was doing treatments to get you pregnant, most OBs will just have you pee on a stick and leave it at that. :-) If you are worried, then definitely ask the OB to do one and hope he/she will! Also, make sure they do a quantitative test (it gives you the #). A qualitative test will just say yes or no like a pee stick. Looking forward to more good news!

Marie said...

Should I ask for a beta? We didn't see an RE yet this just happened....after 24 months.

HereWeGoAJen said...

You can ask the OB for one and if you are really nervous, I would. Just tell the OB that you are nervous and it would make you feel better. Then when you get the results, the normal values will be written next to them. (If they call you, ask them for the normal values.)

My town also has a lab test clinic. If you have one, you could probably go there and ask for a beta.

Beautiful Mess said...

Holy hell!!! I JUST now read your posts. I am SO excited for you!!!! YAY. Thinking of you and sending you tons and tons of hugs!