Saturday, January 24, 2009

What the hell is Pelvic Rest?

Well my uterus decided to start leaking. My cervix are still tightly closed but the uterus is LEAKING. I am supposed to stay calm.


I want this baby so bad.

Not only do I feel out of control. I am the cause of this.

I insisted that it would be ok for us to fool around. Even when Eric was worried I was sure it would be ok.

He rocked my world.

I started bleeding.

Even if all the books say its ok.

Proceed with caution or be prepared to bleed and freak the FUCK OUT.

Oh, I did find that I am somewhere between 7&8 weeks.

However, this is not the way I wanted to get a beta.


Aunt Becky said...

I bled throughout most of my first trimester WITHOUT the humping. Hang in there, dude. Hang in there.

Saying my prayers for you.

Elana Kahn said...

I also bled during 1st trimester w/o touching my hubby. I hope it's nothing more than a small bleed that has nothing to do with the baby!!! If that's what it is, it should go away on its own w/o interference. *hugs*

Beautiful Mess said...

Pelvic rest is the way to go. I hope it has NOTHING to do with baby! I'm saying prayers for you tonight.

Jen said...

I've got my fingers crossed.

But I bled quite a bit with Elizabeth and she turned out just fine.

kate said...

Oh, I'll be thinking of you! How scary!

Slyde said...

i hope everything works out ok for you.

im sure it will.

Ophelia said...


Peeveme said...

I don;t want to pooh pooh you concern. I'd be freaking out too. But I just want to be a calm, reassuring voice. You probably bumped you cervix. It's full of blood right now and it's probably just a little bump. Of course, call your Dr and see if they can give you an u/s or at least a blood test.

Keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

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