Thursday, January 29, 2009

Treading Water

I am sorry about the spotty(pun intended) updates. My status has been downgraded as all the bleeding has stopped. I am still sitting on my ass today. Partly because I still want to be careful. But also because, its Thursday, and no person in their right mind starts anything on Thursday. I have manages to get much done through the way of lost though. I have finished season 3 and will start 4 with dinner.

I am still worried about the lack of baby in the pregnancy sac but I guess Monday will show us what we need to know. I feel optimistic as I watched TLC all day yesterday and was all aaaawwwwww. I also was very sick this morning and thankful that I could climb back into bed and sleep it off. I am eating every couple of hours. I would love to say that I am blaming my hunger on the baby to get to eat whatever I want but, DUDE. I go from normal to starving in like 5 seconds. The kicker is I don't have a clue what I want to eat. I get pissed if no one has any suggestions and then I just eat fruit loops. I had a huge salad today which hopefully will make up for all the shit that is in fruit loops.

I have to give props to Eric. That man has really taken care of my and his (potential) offspring. He has cooked and cleaned and laid around with me. Held me and even checks my boobs every little while to see if they are still sore. He is totally vested in us and I am just totally is sappy starry love with him.

E is home from his dad's and I am so happy that I he is here. I had him stay over with his father for a couple of night because I was terrified that I would loose the baby and he would be here. He didn't want to leave me and the first thing he did today was check on "the belly". Its really just fat and bloat at this point but if hes attached to it then who's to judge. Rubbing it makes me feel better so I totally get it.

Well I going back to my couch cause honestly? I am going to milk the last few hours of my bed rest. It don't happen often folks and hopefully this will be the last week laying on my back until Eric takes me on a baby moon.

Love ya!!


Teresa & Connie said...

Lovin the constantly having to eat but don't know what to eat and the boob tenderness! Very good mama, keep it up.

Peeveme said...

It's so sweet how your Dh is taking care of you and how your little one wants to as well.

Everything you mentioned sound like good signs to me.

Wishing you get great news at the u/s on Monday.

kate said...

Good news! It sounds like everything is back to preggo normal, which I am THRILLED about!

I have been defaulting to the Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries lately when I can't figure out what to eat. It does make me feel weird, to run 5 miles and then pile on the crap and food coloring and sugar x 10. But it's so GOOOOD...

Will be thinking of you 'til you get more answers on Monday.

Tiffanie said...

hopefully your u/s goes well tomorrow:)

Anonymous said...

Heya doll, I'm keepin my crossables crossed for you today!