Monday, February 2, 2009

Tick, Tick, Tick

I have one hour until I leave for my ultrasound and the clock seems to be frozen on 1:14.

To be fair to all the google searches that we bloggers make fun of, I thought that I would comprise a list of my own personal google searches this week. Some were googled by me and others by Eric while I was laying in bed in tears. I will let you guess the ones he had the pleasure of googleing.

1. 5 ½ weeks and we didn’t see a heart beat?
2. Orgasm and Miscarriage?
3. Really high HCG levels but no heart beat
4. Brownish discharge in 6th week of pregnancy?
5. Can I use face wash with sylic acid while pregnant? (still not sure)
6. Molar Pregnancy
7. Signs you are having twins
8. 6 weeks pregnant and extremely hungry
9. due date calculator
10. 7 weeks pregnant and so very hungry
11. 7 weeks pregnant and still hungry as I am eating is this normal.
12. am I having twins quiz
13. Pregnant belly shots at 6 weeks (for comparison as I feel that my stomach is HUGE already and I am not even playing.

So there you have my humbling list. I am sure there were more but I can’t remember now.

I am serious about the hunger. Has anyone else experienced this? I am eating something small and healthy every 2-3 hours. Sometimes I think its nausea but it always get better after I eat something. I have never had hunger pains until now and I swear they are real and they suck.

Well I killed 15 minutes so now I will go eat string cheese.

I will check back with good news…

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Elana Kahn said...

I'm seriously waiting by the computer with baited breath. I can't wait to hear about the u/s!!