Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Hunger

I would like to dedicate this post to food and crazy dreams. I don't know if I have forgotten the weird pregnancy stuff or if this child is completely different from E. I can't eat meat. Well, I can't eat anything I can picture raw. I can eat Hot dogs, pepperoni, tuna and shrimp. The rest of what I consume is fruit and cheese. Healthy right? I haven't had strong cravings only strong adversions. I wan't the cravings! I want to make Eric drive the BFE to get me something I can't live without but sadly, I can only name the things I can't eat. I am hungry ALL THE TIME. I have been wanting chicken and dumplings and my father in law is going to fix some today and I am going to try to eat them so wish me luck!

I would also like to comment on my crazy ass dreams!

Last night was the first night that I have actually dreamed about the baby. My dreams post last nights included: Them smoke monster in Lost, Syid in Lost and going to the middle east and shopping in a mall with my grandma.

Last night I dreamed that the baby came early and we were in no way prepared. The baby's room was not done so I decided to make him a home in my closet that just got cleaned yesterday. We have no crib or bassinet so Eric fashioned a bed out of a indoor basketball goal complete with a lighted scoreboard. It was a boy and he could talk so I kept apoligizing to him about not being prepared and he was all "Mom, its cool...REALY." I let E hold him and before I knew it he had laid him down and forgot where he put him.

That happened THREE TIMES.

We finally realized that we would just wait until he cried and then we could find him.

It never occured to me to stop letting him have the baby.

I am questioning my parenting skills right now.

I am also hungry!


Anonymous said...

LMAO Well the good news is that they come with a homing device! :) But I've never heard of a man losing a kid except on tv. I think they're too afraid of them to forget where they put them.

Beautiful Mess said...

LOL @ Honeywine! I couldn't eat meat of any kind when I was pregnant with Nae. We had to roll up windows when we'd pass a fast food restaurant. Your cravings will come soon enough, promise! Aren't pregnancy dreams crazy?! It's terrifying enough being pregnant and thinking all the things we think when we're awake, dreams shouldn't be included in that! Have a great day! get some sleep *if you can* and try to eat something that smells good. HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL your dreams sound interesting to say the least!

To A T said...

LOL love the dream!!

If it's any consolation, the only thing I have wanted for over a week now has been SPAGHETTI! and for the life of me, I haven't had any of the ingredients in my house, or the time to get it at the store ;-)
I wouldn't exactly call it a "craving" per se, but it's all I can think about. Thank goodness Batman bought me the stuff to make it tonight!

ME said...

I can totally relate to the dreams! They're so terribly maniacal that they're almost funny. I'm having a boy but I had a dream that I was having a girl and she was born early and so I put her inside of a frozen drinking thermos to keep her safe, but then when I tried to take her out, her skin got stuck to the side and I started freaking out...It's totally the anxiety of being pregnant...but it sure is nutz.

Erin said...

Here from ICLW! I have to say for me cravings came much later actually only recently (and I am 38 weeks). Aversions were much more my style in the beginning. I couldn't eat anything sweet. As a dessert lover it was sad but I think it kept my weight gain down!

Elana Kahn said...

I had such bizarre dreams in 1st trimester. It does get better!! I don't have weird dreams every night any more and when I do have weird dreams I tend not to remember details in the morning.

As for cravings, they happen to me every once in a while. Usually some type of carb or sweets. :-) ICLW

Nicole said...

Here for ICLW...congrats on your news and good luck with the next several months! I'm sure by the time baby arrives you'll be well prepared.

Leslee said...

I've always heard that pregnancy can bring crazy dreams! Dreams tend to bring out our fears. Don't question your judgement... you're not the person you were in your dreams. Let's hope this is a weird as they get!


Anita said...

I had a friend who couldn't eat meat her entire pregnancy-a cheesburger was the first thing she requested after having the baby! :)

I hope that your aversions end soon & the cravings begin!


Mel said...

Ahhhh...pregnancy and crazy dreams! I've had several, but none that compare to this one! :)

I used to eat NO red Until I got pregnant. Now, baby boy wants cheeseburgers and steak on a weekly basis. Gross...I know!

Mmmmm...chicken and dumplings. Now you're making ME hungry! I hope they were amazing.


Michelle said...

Here from ICLW. Congratulations to you. I know many people who have felt the same way as you and everything turned out just fine. Good luck with everything!

nh said...

I shouldn't worry too much about your dreams - hormones to strange, strange things!


Kristin said...

When I was pregnant with my second, my husband drove 45 minutes one way because I was craving fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts.