Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hot stuff

When in the H E DOULBE HOCKEY STICKS does this parenting this get easy and start, you know, kinda working for itself?

Apparantly I gave birth to the reincarnated Robin Hood. Except instead of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, he just decided to take and keep for himself?

A week before spring break.

Now I have to be the evil parent that cancels his spring break and play prison gaurd at home.

No you may not Ride your bike..sticky fingers.

No you may not go play at your friends.

No you may not watch TV.

I am sorry you are bored but you could be camping right now.

According to his teacher, "E has been quite the little TOOT the last couple of weeks."

This is on top of what we went to the school for this morning.



Not a path I want my 9 year old on.

This is not easy. He is supposed to go camping with his great-grandparents. I spent every spring break camping with them and it is a tradition that they are trying to keep alive. I know that this time is so important. It breaks my heart to have to make this call.

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