Friday, March 5, 2010

Put upon

There are days in every ones life that they start to feel a little put upon.

Laundry is piled.

Dishes are piled.

Bills have to be mailed.

Baseball sign ups have to be completed.

Baby has to be fed, bathed, fed, sang to, FED.(Growth poor boobies)

Baby wakes up at 4 AM and when you take him into the living room to see his daddy who doesn't sleep at night and is just SITTING there watching tv. So you think that maybe they can hang out and catch up on things that only people with penises talk about and you can go get another hour or so of sleep.

THEN you get the stink eye.

Like the tv can not in fact accommodate BOTH of them so you really need to take the kiddo back to bed and do whatever it is the two of you do at 4am.

You get a little pissy.

Well I get a little pissy.

I get a lot pissy in fact.

Pissy doesn't help me to sleep.

So I'm all shooting the stink eye from both my eyes.

I finally get back to sleep and what do you know the door opens and my boobs are needed AGAIN.

So I get up for the day.

I get ready for work.

I feed the baby his cereal.

Look around the house and think that my schedule sucks and I am going to be spending all weekend cleaning and that really sucks ass.

I get to work barely on time and remember a conference call that is about to start in five minutes. So I log into the call and forgo my usual cup of coffee and email checking. So sleepy.

But you know what turned my day around?

Eric had to clean this up.

I know I just posted my son's shit on the internet but yall, I have never felt so vindicated in my whole live long life.


Slyde said...


i just thanked god mini-me is out of the diaper stage...

Marie said...

I am thankful that his poop schedule and my work schedule seem to go hand & hand.

Christina said...

Haha, I love when Annika poops while Josh is alone with her, especially when it's a blow out!

noswimmers said...

ROFL!!!! OMG, I wish Sherbert would do that to B sometime! In fact, I'll be gone and the little bubs might have to have a chat. ;)