Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Musings

I just figured I would give a random list of my boo-shit today.

I have been obsessed with Big Love for the last month or so. I started watching season four on HBO, but then decided I really want to watch from the beginning.

To date I have had two dreams about the po-lig-a-me.

I dreamed I was Nikki. It really bothers me that I am not Margene. I mean Nikki is the wife that is all conservative with the long hair with a half-up,bump it, Snookie, poof thing going on. She wears ankle length dresses and almost never swears. But she is crafty and sneaky and I do appreciate that.

Margene is the spunky, hot, third wife. I could go for being her.

However, things are getting a little out of hand because last night I dreamed that the scary Mormans at Juniper Creek stole Conner and wouldn't give him back because he was not being raised properly. So I might need to take a little breakey from HBO.

We spent the weekend back in my hometown visiting relatives and had a great time. We helped my grandparents clean up their property and just visited. It was exactly what we needed. Conner charmed the pants off everyone he met and was the best baby I could ask for. I am amazed at how well he travels. I don't think he cried the entire time we were there. E was great too. He worked so very hard raking leaves and hauling tree limbs.

I feel my grandparents house is my childhood home and it is very soothing to visit. I wished I felt that way about visiting my parents but I just don't. It's awkward. My mom and I have always struggled with our relationship. What mother and daughter doesn't at some point, right? But ours is constant. Draining

I don't know how I turned down this road, but I think I want to head back to the sister wives conversation.

I am thinking about accepting Resumes for two sister wives. I could use the extra hands.

Think about it.

Eric is pretty hot.

Sizes 8 and under need not apply.

If you haven't had any children and your boobs are still perky and pointy you don't really need to waste your time.

If you shave your legs more than once a week then your application will PROBABLY get lost in the shuffle as well.


Morgan Owens said...

Your posts always crack me up! :)

Teresa & Connie said...

I friggin LOVE the hell out of you.

Marie said...

Right back at ya!