Monday, April 28, 2008

A bout with Poo

Well my little boy took his first step to Independence this weekend on his Huffy bike. Saturday he was terrible bored and moaning "I don't have anyone to play with" I took a deep breath and said well maybe you take a ride around the block on your bike and see if there are any neighboring kids that want to play. He looked taken back and then a slow smile spread across his face. We got his bike and I stand in the yard giving him a huge spill about Cars, safety, weirdos, dogs. At this point he is thinking "this is so not worth it." But he pushed off and pedals down the sidewalk very cautiously looking back ever so often. He turns the corner and it out of sight. He comes back 5 mins later to check-in. He leaves again and gets a little more adventurous and is gone 7 mins. He then rides to his dads the next street over and calls me to let me know where he is. I give him 1 hour to play with his step-brothers and then he is to call me and come home. Before the day was out he made lots of friends and the whole street was a buzz of activity. He played his heart out all weekend. I felt so good for him. With all the structured sports, lessons, boy scouts. Kids do not get much free time and it was nice to see him making his own way.

Sunday was a repeat however he came in and had dinner and just had to go back outside for 10 minutes. I let him and he came back and went to his room. He came in and said mom something is wrong my room smells like poop. I went in there and the smell liked to have knocked me down. He had stepped in fresh poo outside and tracked it all in my house. I scrubbed his room with pine sol and scrub brush and sprayed fabreeze bleached his shoes. Well, we could not get that smell out and my eyes drifted to the bed I had been washing his sheets and had not made it yet and he had managed to ground pooh in his mattress we scrubbed the mattress to no avail. Finally I gave up and put him to bed in my room.

This morning my husband come in from work and say wow the house smells really good and clean but I keep getting a whiff of dog poo what is that all about? Me and E broke into a fit of giggles because we tried so hard. So I shall try again tonight but I think I see a new mattress in the near future.

I am 8 days past ovulation and so want to know now. I want to test and I know it is too early but I do very much. I would just feel better if I peed on a stick. I did do something very strange last night I needed something salty and I ended up eating Frito's and ranch dressing is was heavenly.

So there you have it my wild weekend.


HereWeGoAJen said...

It sounds like a good weekend, except for all the scrubbing! I had one of those little spot remover wet vacuum cleaners. That might help with the mattress and it would be cheaper than buying a new one!

Io said...

Ack! What is it about dog poo?! It's so hard to make that smell go away.