Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I pray pestilence on E.P.T

I left at lunch to get my test. I decided to go all out and buy the E.P.T. let me back up my grandparents called to say they were passing through town and want to meet for lunch. I am game so I am in line at the store right by my office in pharmacy very small. The tests are locked up so I am waiting a gazillion years for my turn. I them get it and run home and see if hubby is awake. He is barely awake so he stayed in bed. My husband is not manic like me and can actually wait until a period to find out. He frustrates me but I am like a dozen floating balloons and he is my weight at the end so I dont completely loose it. Anyway ......


It is not over I am only on 9dpo so there is still a chance. I will not be bummed yet!!!!

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Jen said...

Oh, heck, 9DPO, if you got a positive now, you should call the manufacturer and become their new covergirl. I didn't test positive until 13DPO. Don't give up.