Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bits of Vacay

Well hello there strangers it has been awhile and even though I have missed you terribly I have had a butt load of fun. I had the stereotypical vacation complete with “are we there yet” and “I’m not touching you” (with fingers inches from the other ones face). Oh did I mention that this was coming from me and my 23 year old cousin and not from E. Actually E was annoyed with it as much as Eric.

My cousin Cody is deploying to Iraq soon, and decided to come with us on vacation. We played the state license game where you see how many different states you can get before everyone else in the car. Eric used to be a long haul truck driver so he won by a landslide. We finally quit because he was kicking our ass so badly.

I found a great Ralph Lauren swim suit on the way and it has lots of lycra and I likey.

Sea World was wonderful and we have a gazillion picture and I will put some up as soon as Eric gets them downloaded. Are you reading this hunny? Just whenever you get to it will be fine but these guys must see monkey at the zoo trying to escape with the huge woody.

E spent the night with the penguins at Sea World and took lots of pics which I am sure he will want posted as well. He is like a walking marine biologist book right now with everything he learned.

We have mastered the big roller coasters but still are having a hard time with the thought of riding one that goes upside down but we are working through it. It took begging and pleading there were lots of tears (from me) but E rode. He had a great time and afterward he said he mainly rode them so that I would quit begging. I do not feel guilty though.

We took E to hooters and his picture made with the girls and he really liked it.

We did all the touristy stuff like the River Walk & Alamo,

Oh and I totally sold out and got a new phone and will now be able to keep up with everyone when I am away. I don’t have it all figured out yet but I was able to read some of your posts on the way home but I can’t figure out how to comment.

Now I am back home to reality. E is at his dads and Eric is working his ass of, and me? Well I am at work blogging ahh back to the real world.

I will post more about our vacay as it comes to me so I am sure you will get bored but there is so much stuff. So...consider this a first installment


kate said...

Ah, I LOVE the Riverwalk! I'm glad you had a good vacation- welcome home!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm glad you had a good vacation! I wish I got to spend the night at Sea World with penguins!

I can't comment from my phone or my husband's phone. I can read but that's it. I think you have to have a super phone to comment too. Maybe an iPhone or at least that high tech.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I enjoyed the Riverwalk when I was there in June, I so wish I had more time.

I have tried using my iPhone for commenting, it is fun. I wrote a post on Friday from my iPhone (took a really long time). I also like Google Reader for the phone.

Anonymous said...

Glad ya'll made it home alright! Sorry to hear that Cody is going so soon. We have several friends there now. :(

Oh and tell hubby to get on that monkey wood! Uh...well, you know what I mean... lol