Thursday, February 11, 2010


Our sleepy little town is covered in a light blanket of snow. I am stuck at work looking out side wishing I could build an erotic snowman. My snowman would have huge pecks and be hung like a horse.

I wanted to send pictorial evidence of the snow, but you see, I am sorta lazy in the mornings and not a picture taker. Eric is the photo journalist of the family and he is on vacation this week, and every morning looks like a hungover college student.

Is he staying up at night partying like a rock star? Why no. He DOES however, have the best farm operation in facebook land and a quite impressive mafia.

I did finally get him to snap a picture but when he emailed it to me I was quite a taken back.

I was not up to his usual photogenic snuff.

It was rather grainy and looked as if someone licked the camera lens before snapping the picture.

I did request a new photo and I am patiently waiting.

He will probably make me preform so sort of sexual act for the photo, so if I am walking funny tomorrow I blame YOU.

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