Friday, February 26, 2010

cha cha cha chia.

Well, the water is awful murky over here at my pad.

The weather.

Our Moods.

Spring can NOT get here soon enough.

E needs a hair cut. He looks a little like a reject from the cast of Annie. He refuses to fix it other than wet the middle front and use a glob of of hair gel to slick it down. The poor child has the thickest and hair and he dreams of having the new shaggy (yet cool) skater cuts everyone seems to have but he just starts looking more like a chia pet everyday.

Baby C had a rough night and you can see by his little eyes that he doesn't feel 100%

You can tell by my little eyes that sleep was not a success.

I think maybe he may be teething.

Eric may be getting his period.

Cause he is TERRIBLY bitchy.

I am not sure because I didn't really listen but it was something about how he didn't like to be told to shut-up and something about a farm-hand? I couldn't really hear over all my yelling and I was very sleepy so the details are a little foggy.

So to reiterate.

E needs pro-cuts

Baby C needs Orajel.

Eric needs Mydol.

I need a nap.

I probably could use the mydol too.

Eric might also need an icepack for the knot.

1 comment:

kate said...

HAHAHAHA. Yeah, I sometimes wonder whether H gets PMS or something like it. He just gets so bitchy and moody sometimes.

And yeah, the weather has been making me feel pretty rotten lately. Spring, where are you???