Monday, February 1, 2010


Highlights: Got to work on time. Strong coffee. Good hair day.

Low lights: My boss said "Stinky Pinkie"(I died a little inside).

Other than that....

I had a pretty good weekend.

E is killing this basketball season with an undefeated record thus far. He has nailed a couple of fantastic shots that I am guessing are luck, but impressive none the less. I was afraid that he wouldn't follow through with the whole season especially after the rigorous 2 hour practices and suicides that his coach has them do, but he is always excited about it.

The thought of having to do even one suicide makes me want to puke in my 8Th grade gym shoes. I tried Athletics and I was half-way decent at volley-ball, but all I ever got out of basketball was a busted nose and two jammed fingers. One of those jammed fingers was when I was playing with myself.

I just reread that and I didn't mean PLAYING with myself. I was playing BASKETBALL with myself.

This post has turned out quite differently than I planned.

I don't even know where to go from here than to say my mom got married last week. Today is her one week anniversary to be exact. I haven't talked about it much because I was hoping it was a problem that would go away on its own and I am not usually one to pay attention to those kind of problems. Sadly the problem did NOT go away; instead it decided to become my step-father.

I don't KNOW that this is a bad thing. I am grown at least and have my own home where I can escape the insanity. 3 months. That is the time it took for an Internet relationship to blossom into a marriage. A marriage where my mother is the only one with an income. Where she had to purchase her own wedding ring (and his) and get up and go to work the next morning instead of a honeymoon. It could turn out to be something great for her, but right now, she deserved better than what she got.

I guess sometimes you gotta let go and let them grow up...

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