Thursday, February 11, 2010

My hard earned photos

First Photo. I wish I was looking at this from my couch in front of the fire, with a cup of hot cider.

My dog freezing her NUTZ off.


honeywine said...

Ahhh...distance is our friend. :) Poor doggy. I need to hold the laptop up to show 3 legged Sam that he need not pout about the cold rain outside.

kate said...

Mmm. Hot cider! That's one of the few high points of being trapped by the weather (the other being a free day off work). The only thing that would make it better is including a shot or two of brandy. Or bourbon. Or some other nice warming alcoholic stuff. I definitely missed spiked cider this winter!

Keep warm!!

Slyde said...

i dont think ive ever actually seen a picture of you before. You're hot! :)

p.s. i need to take some snowpics this weekend as well..