Monday, June 1, 2009

On my way to budha belly

While getting ready for work I am thinking who in their right mind would make tapered leg maternaty pants. Also, who in their right mind would buy said pants. Me, thats who. I was not paying attention as I snagged them off the rack at the thrift shop. I am sitting here wishing that I had thrown them back in my closet but instead I wore them and everytime I get up they stick to my calves, making me have to jiggle my fatty legs to make them come down where they are supposed to be. It's as unflattering as it sound. I. Promise.

Next, the maternaty swimmy suit. I chose the Tankini style and I have to say I am SUPER happy with the boobage cover however, the one that covered so great up top has teeny tiny bottoms. The problem with this is the lack of visual confirmation that the lawn has been properly mowed. Do you get me? I did try. Worked and worked in the blind this and this is what I got:

Eric finally decided to help but who can feel relaxed while someone is taking a razor to your delicate girly bits while laughing so hard they are crying?

I am just going to wear shorts with my tankini from now on.


Peeveme said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Ha. I don't even bother shaving...but if I go swimming I guess I better try to. I'm thinking a hand mirror?

Anonymous said...


Christina said...

I have the same issue with shaving already. I just shave what I can and wearing board shorts in the pool. Either that or I quickly enter the pool before anyone can get a good look!

Lola said...

Good thinking!!! Thankfully, I never had to deal with a pregnancy bathing suit, since I didn't start showing until summer was over.

Morgan Owens said...

bwahahaha! You're too funny!!

looking4#3 said...

Although I've never met you IRL--or have ANY idea what you look like, I got a complete visual on the tapered maternity pants!!! Had me ROFL!!!
Then, to read about "mowing the lawn" and requiring Eric's help with him in hysterics---I think I actually peed myself!!!
This made my freakin day!!!
I sincerely hope you know I am laughing with YOU and not AT you, because I have been there!!!!
Thanks for letting me know the gender prediction said 50% chance of a boy!!! I get a different answer on each and every test!! But, I guess as long as the "stick test" continually says "+" or "pregnant" that's all that matters!!!!

Beautiful Mess said...

AHAHAHA! My husband had to do the SAME thing. Poor guy, I felt so bad he had to get down and dirty and shave the FOREST! He had to shave my legs too because I couldn't bend down that Gotta love being pregnant in the summer, eh?