Thursday, December 10, 2009


15 days till Christmas and I have bought exactly 3 gifts and a few stocking stuffers. I don't feel guilty. I don't feel the anxious about no gifts under the tree. I feel peace.

It's not really about the money even though with being off of work with NO maternity leave pay has left us kind of low on cash, its because our family has everything we could ever need.

Sure there are still some "Santa" gifts to buy but for the most part I am just enjoying the holiday for what it is supposed to be.

The tree is up and our lights outside are beautiful (thanks babe). We are watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate. We went and saw Santa. My children and husband will get time from me this Christmas. Love, hugs and kisses. We will not over schedule ourselves and get crazy about where we go and who we see. There will be no expensive electronics or hot toys that will be forgotten by January, but I hope the memories we give them will last through the year.

My plans are to spend time with E this weekend making cookies and family gifts in our kitchen and family game night.

Next weekend Eric and I will spend Saturday shopping for all of our Christmas gifts we plan to buy while Conner spends the day and night(gulp) with his grandparents and Sunday I will watch E sing in the Christmas play at his church.

This Christmas I feel complete.

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Lola said...

I'm so with you on the whole gift thing. We've got everyone onboard with not exchanging, since none of us need a thing, and I've let my son know that there will not be so many presents this year.

He only puts three things on his Santa list every year, so he's easy.