Saturday, December 5, 2009

First and Last Santa Visit

We went and saw Santa today.

E reluctantly agreed to see Santa one last time. He has already informed me that he is pretty sure about the whole Santa story but still wants to believe in the "magic" of Christmas. When Santa asked what he wanted this year he looked straight at me and said, "A GOOD mountain bike, a really good one".

I knew it was coming and I am pretty sure he was questioning it last year so it wasn't that big of a suprise. He mailed a letter today and I forgot to get it out of the mailbox before the postman came, but the letter was gone when we got home so I need to thank our mail carrier I guess.

I always sneek the letter our and put it in my jewlery box. He found his last letter to the tooth fairy and told me about it so I stopped leaving money under his pillow. So, I bet if he finds the Santa letter he won't say a thing.

The baby was so cute with Santa. He wasn't scared at all and even smiled for the picture. I would post a picture but I am still not sure just how much I want to post that would identify me and my kids. I like having a place to post my thoughts annonymously. I am still trying to figure out a good blog name for the baby. I call him boo bear, stinker boo, suger booger, and any other rediculas name I can come up with because well, I am a nutcase and he is so stinking cute.

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