Monday, December 14, 2009

'O' Yeah

Dear Reebok,

While laying in bed eating my Pizza Collision Doritos and drinking my sweet tea and watching Friends, I saw your commercial for these:

I have to know do they really make your ass look better? Really?

Do they really tone up your legs while you are just casually walking around the house or do you have to use them to hike and run? I mean will they work just being on my feet? Like if I put them on and just stood they poking my ass out like the lady in the commercial. Are they working then?

What about when I am watching tv?

I need to know this before I make the purchase.

At a hundred bucks I need to know that they will do what you say in the commercial. If I can get my butt to look HALF as good as the lady in the commercial then we can get Eric on board. If not I am just going to buy another pair of $45 Adidas

Thank you in advance for appeasing my inquiring mind. Oh yeah, do those little black shorts she wears come with the purchase? If so, I am going to need a little bit bigger size than she is wearing I am sure. After all she OBVIOUSLY has already been wearing her shoes quite a bit.

Marie at That Special Water.

Dear Frito-Lay,

Because of your Pizza Collision Doritos, I have to order special ass toning shoes. Enclosed is a bill for $50.00.

I am only holding you half responsible for the spreading as I am sure I am half at fault for eating said chips. Its takes two, Frito-Lay, that I know. If you didn't make your Pizza Collision Doritos SO Delicious and now EASIER TO FIND, then we would not be having this conversation.

I need payment by Christmas but if you can't handle the claim by then I will take the money no later than Jan 1st because I don't really see myself worrying TOO much about ass until then.

Thanks so much,
Marie at That Special Water.


Christina said...

I want those shoes soooo badly! If you go on the Reebok website there are a few reviews of them and the people that have bought them claim they work just by doing every day walking around the house.
I'll have to bill Annika for those shoes once she turns 16 and gets a job, it is her fault that my ass has gotten this big since I became very lazy while pregnant with her.

Marie said...

I would love the blame the kiddo but sadly, I can't. If anything he has helped me loose.

Aunt Becky said...

Bwahahahahahahaha! I am suing Mimi for making my ass fat. I wish I could sue anyone else.

Beautiful Mess said...

AHAHAHA!!!! Love it! If you get them and they work, pass along the info! I have a bit of a problem spending $100 on shoes, but if they're gonna make my ass look THAT good...well sign me up!

kate said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, that would be awesome if we could bill the junk food companies for our increased health care costs! (and those shoes would be wicked-awesome if they actually worked like that!)

Mmm. And now, I want some Fritos... Maybe even a frito pie! Mmm, that would be good!

Peeveme said...

Mahahahah, Funny girl!

Lola said...

HA! Well, I bought a pair of the MBT's (?), years ago, since all the yoga bitches and models swore by them. They look like giant, black moon shoes, seriously ugly, and cost I think $250 or some such insanity.

Did they make my cellulite disappear? Hell, no. Did they tone up my legs by just walking around in them? Yes, they did. They also help with posture, because you will tip over if you don't stand up straight.

So, I'm sure these Reebok ones are based on the same idea and will make your legs/ass look better. They will not, however, work miracles, as my cellulite can attest ;)