Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Teen Mom on MTV makes me want to rip my eyeballs out every time I watch it, but for some reason I still have to watch. I just want to give them all a good spanking and not the good kind.

Christmas was great! We stayed home together for the whole holiday and if anyone wanted to see us they came here. I actually had dinner with both my parents and their significant others AT THE SAME TIME. It was a little awkward, but nothing a little wine and rum couldn't handle.

I haven't talked about it much but my parents divorce kinda screwed me up a little. I was 23 and thought my parents would be together forever. Sure they argued from time to time and couldn't exactly be called the Cleavers, but my dad loved my mom, my mom loved my dad.

I am not really sure what all happened, but I do know that I was put in the middle of the divorce and learned WAY too much about the problems in their marriage.

They are now rebuilding THEIR lives with new WEIRDO love and I am left trying to have a relationship with them and their new WEIRDO lovers. It's fun.

Hopefully one day we will work out the kinks and I will feel like I actually HAVE parents that want to be there for me. Who not only worry about themselves and their happiness, but actually give a rats ass about my feelings. I guess I should just be happy that I got to grow up before they decided to go crazy or I don't know who would have taken care of me.

Despite the quirky relationships, I am happy that I got to spend Christmas with both of them. I do love them. Very much.

I do have parents though. I have another mom who is my best friend and confidant. Who doesn't judge me and offers advice HELPFULLY and not HURTFULLY. She is beautiful and awesome and I love her. She didn't give birth to me but she did give birth to my husband so I get her by default and I am very lucky.

My other Dad is pretty great too. He cooks for me when I am sick and loves and takes care of my children. He's got my back and I love him.

So I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed putting up with your wacky relatives. Here's to New Years. The holiday were it is expected of you to walk around with a drink in your hand.


Eileen said...

YAY for awesome in-laws! I have some pretty stellar ones myself. And we know that is rare in the blogosphere ;-). Glad you made it through the joint holiday well. Happy New Year!

looking4#3 said...

So jealous of your amazing in-laws. Mine are BEASTLY!! Pure evil I tell you. They got divorced when my DH was 18 and he (and his sisters) were put in the middle too. Horrible place to be put. And they are STILL in the middle now--25 years later!
My parents on the other hand--yep, I won the lottery. Not sure what I did to deserve being raised, loved, adored, and cared for by two amazing people, but I am sure glad I did it.
I am not much of a drinker--but I am sure missing the "idea" of even having one to ring in 2010. Maybe I can make up for it ringing in 2011!!!

Morgan Owens said...

I love Teen Mom but it just utterly pisses me off sometimes. The ones who put their baby up for adoption are alright, but Farrah drives me freakin nuts! amber and gary, well dont get me started on them they just piss me off in every way possible.