Friday, December 18, 2009

Party Planner

I just adore people that can take a picture and capture a story or a feeling. The lighting is always perfect and even just a simple picture of a hand can make you weepy. My husband is one of those people.

He can take a pic of the kids that make me feel warm and fuzzy and I can stand in the exact same spot just seconds later and take the SAME shot and it is just a picture.

I spent 30 minutes trying to practice taking pictures of the baby while he was sleeping and I just couldn't get it right.

Then I forgot my camera completely when I went to E's Christmas party.

I think that is going to be one of my New Years resolutions is to get more familiar with my camera and not let so many moments pass me by.

Yesterday E was the little baby snoozing in my bed or so its feel like it. But no, that was 9 years ago. Nine years from today I hope I remember my new sons soft chubby cheek, covered with his chubby little hand while sleeping peacefully just as vividly as if I would have captured it perfectly on my camera.

I hope when E walks across the stage to receive his diploma, that I remember the scowl from his little pre-preteen face when I absent-mindedly kissed him on the top of his head, in front of all his friends at his Christmas party today. Also, I want to remember the little smile following the scowl that told me he secretly liked it.

I also hope the mother the made the pigs in a blanket remembers to use crescent rolls next time and wasn't too offended when E told the class that mine were so much better. But I hope that he knows that even though I gave him THAT LOOK, I secretly appreciated the complement.

And you really should use crescent rolls when you make pigs in a blanket..they are better.

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Beautiful Mess said...

I have a hard time remembering when Zilla and Nae were little. I try so hard, becuase I knew we were done. I sometimes look at them and think "wow you use to fit IN my arms!" Although the good part about them growing up is there's less dinners to cook ;o)

Glad he complimented your food, that'll make you feel good!