Thursday, May 8, 2008


Guess what our final consisted of....we had to edit the essay from last week. Yeah the one that caused me to ball like a baby...yep. However, it didn't bother me as much last night so I finished the assignment and I feel I did pretty well.

My plans for this weekend includes lots of chick flicks. I have never watched the movie Gladiator and my husband has been after me for 2 years to watch that movie so he tivo'd last night so I watched it. At first I was thinking about all the crap I needed to do and the 2 hours that I would never get back but then the movie sucked me in and I really enjoyed it. Now, I am not going to act to excited about it because since I watched this Eric owes me some chick movies and will collect!

E has a baseball game tonight and his coach said he is doing so well they want him to play 3rd base. He played that in T-ball and we told her this but I guess he had to prove himself. She called me after he got 2 outs and 3 runs and said she would be moving him from outfield. He was supposed to be hine catcher but the first time he got hit in the goods he told her he was not playing there. He happily plays outfield where his boys are in no danger. I have not told him about him moving I want him to be surprised tonight.

There is something I have not told you about myself..ok here it goes. I am one of THOSE moms. You know the ones that people do not like to sit by at the games. I whoop and holler and jump and pull on my hair its pretty intense. We coached last year so it was better because I was part of the action and I had the best seat in the house and people didn't sit their chairs right in front of my chair and I got to know all the kids. But the rules are so different from t-ball to baseball that we decided to sit back a year, but I think we will coach again next year because I just cant take sitting there. I need the action, the high fives, giving pep talks in the dugout. Eric loves coaching also and he is very good at it. Every time we are at the ballpark kids come up to him from years he has coached and he loves it.

Well gotta get some work done, take care everyone

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Jen said...

Movies for the weekend sound like a really great idea.