Thursday, May 22, 2008

Its O fficial

I ovulated so now we wait. Guess that means no drinky drink for memorial day but it will be worth it . We are having a big family get together as I have two cousins leaving for Iraq in June. One is getting married June 1st and I am not fond of his wife-to-be and she not of me so she invited all the girl cousins to her bachelorette party but me. I do not really care as I will still be in my 2ww or hopefully be pregnant but still she was talking about it in front of me. What a heifer!! I did ,however, get invited to bridal shower which makes me feel she is only in it for the gift what do y'all think? Should I stay or should I go??


Jen said...

Don't go. Send a small gift for the sake of family peace and a nice excuse for why you can't be there.

Good luck on your wait.

Alison said...

Yay for finally ovulating!!! Woohoo!

I'm with Jen... send a nice gift but bow out gracefully.

Anonymous said...

yup, uh huh.. uh huh..yup yeppers, lets see.....aahhhhh..oh! WoW. uh huh. Really? NOOOOO. UH HUH>