Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well we said that we are taking a break to relieve some stress but we are going to schudule our hsg. The nurse called this morning and said most insurance companies do not cover the procedure but I am pretty sure out of the many conversations I have had with mine they told me it was covered so I will probably need to make a follow-up phone call.

I am rebelling against my body cause I am pissed!! I had a large glass of wine last night and 2 cups of coffee already this morning and it is oh so tasty. Come to think of it I do not have a headache this morning either hmmm can we say addiction?

I am concerned about the hsg and how I will feel afterwards the nurse said it is no big deal but I have not been to the gyno lately and it not be a big deal so I think I will schedule the afternoon off to recoup. If anyone has had this procedure I would be eternally gratefull for any tips or preperation...please and thank you.

I will take my last final tonight and I am done with school for summer. I have an english final and really do not see a way to prepare so I shall just wing it. Better get back to work for a fall back in case I fail. Take care


Jen said...

I haven't had one, but I've heard that they aren't that bad. An afternoon off is always welcome though!

Sister Sassy said...

Have you gone to sheknows? They have a baby dust board, lots of info on TTC.

I had to take clomid with both of mine, I don't Ovulate like a regular lady :)

thanks for stopping by my blog, good luck with your searching.